When repairing in a collision

old damaged parts must be replaced with new ones. Customers usually prefer OEM parts, but do not always know their options in advance.

There are three types of parts that can replace a damaged one. Each used can really affect the quality of the repair. Three types: 1. OEM 2. Aftermarket 3. LKQ.


The first type is the Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts are created specifically for your car by the original manufacturer of your car. Thus, if you drive a Ford, then the original part will be from Ford. Using OEM means that the part must function in the same way as the part you are replacing and ensure a good fit and function.


Spare parts are made by anyone but the car manufacturer. They can be a direct replacement or something that will change how the car works or looks. There is a wide range of manufacturers for these parts, and therefore a wide range of quality. Non-profit organization CAPA tests and controls aftermarket products. Spare parts are the least expensive because they do not have to invest in research and development.



LKQ:  These are recycled parts, and they vary greatly in quality and price. Technically, they are made by OEM, but can create many problems due to previous damage or problems with the selection of paint.

Function: A new part must perform the same quality of work as the old before it was damaged. On the plus side, a new part can exceed the quality of a new part when upgrading. The negative side of choosing a cheaper part may jeopardize the quality of work.

Finish: This is done so that the part looks as if it is part of a car, and not an additional part that sticks out from this sore finger.

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