A Catalogue of Car Parts

Generally speaking, there are three types of auto parts: original, original and spare parts. There are other types, including reconditioned, reconditioned, and used parts. You have probably heard these differences before. If you do not have or need clarification, you will find more detailed explanations below..

Genuine parts

Original auto parts are original components installed in your car when it was brand new. They are usually the most expensive of all parts, giving many the impression that they are superior. This is not always the case (we will talk about this later). It should also be remembered that the original parts, although they are marked as products of the manufacturer of your car (you will find the logo on the box), are actually produced by another company.

OEM parts

The term OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts are basically built on the same line as genuine parts, and have the auto maker’s stamp of approval. Many argue that these parts are the better buy since they cost less than genuine parts.

Aftermarket parts

These parts are manufactured by a company other than the original manufacturer. Companies that produce spare parts for the secondary market acquire the rights to manufacture parts for other brands of cars. They may differ slightly from the original or original parts, but they still fit and work as if they were original.

Other Distinctions

Rebuilt parts

At its core, a rebuilt auto part is basically a used part that has been completely disassembled and replaced with new components. After that, the part is inspected to ensure that it works the same as the new one. These parts usually work as well as new components, and in most cases work as long.

Refurbished parts

Reconditioned parts differ from reconditioned parts in how they are processed before use. As a rule, they use parts that are not dismantled, but cleaned and slightly modified. These minor mounts may include things such as nuts, bolts, and gaskets. The only drawback of these parts is that they can have a certain degree of wear..

Used parts

Parts used, also labeled “recycled,” are often a cheaper alternative to the parts listed above. They are good at replacing automotive components that usually don’t break too quickly. This includes things like door linings, handles and moldings. However, they are not suitable for all replacements. When replacing safety or performance related components, it is recommended that the used parts be avoided.

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