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For experienced car owners exploring auto parts in Canada, the debate between used parts and original parts has been going on for decades (if not longer). There are advantages for both new and used auto parts, but which one is, after all, better for you and your car?

The question of used and new details is a long discussion, and it cannot be summarized with the simple “new is better” or “better”, because it depends on the details

Auto Parts Canada: Used vs New Parts—a Part-by-Part Explanation

Understanding that it is better to purchase spare parts with completely new (or original parts) or buy used ones is best evaluated in parts. The reason is that some parts are better when they are new, while others are ideal when buying used (35–75% less money). So, let’s take a look at the new and used parts in parts.…

Rubber and Other Consumables

Any part made of rubber, by its nature, will deteriorate, since rubber is not eternal. Therefore, never buy rubber-based parts that are already in use, as determining their useful life can be extremely difficult. The same goes for supplies. This includes: a heater and other hoses, various belts, wipers and brake lines.

Electrical Parts

Electrical parts can also be a difficult acquisition in the used market, although if you buy them from a reliable source such as Woodbecks, who knows what to look for and offers guarantees, then electrical components can become viable in the aftermarket. If you are interested in which electrical parts you can safely buy in the used goods market, just give us a call – 18885503009   we can point you in the right direction as we will never resell used parts that are not completely safe and safe for a long journey.


Engines are a great item to buy as used auto parts, as they are expensive goods that are extremely expensive and you can save a lot of money on auto parts in Canada. Since they are the subject of a large ticket, you will need a local source offering a guarantee, such as the guarantee we can get here on the spot at Woodbecks. Buying engines can be tricky though. Although it seems ideal to have a low mileage engine, there may be accidents on its balance sheet that could be worse than kilometers. In any case – get a warranty on spare parts.

Auto Parts : The Easy Way

Call us: 18885503009 at  to find out which parts you should buy and which not. Our real guys will be honest with you, because we will never sell the part that we would not put in our cars.

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